In three easy steps, you can have a complete payroll quote for your business. Answer the following questions and we will show you how much you can save by using Patriot Financial Service to manage your payroll.

Our pricing model is simple, all you pay is $15 per pay period and $1 per check per employee, it couldn't be easier!
 Step 1: Pay Period & Employees
  How Often Do You Pay?Explain This Option
  How Many Employees Do You Currently Have?  Each Check is $1.00
  Do You Have Employees In More Than 1 State?
 Step 2: Additional Options
   Direct Deposit Explain
($3.00 Per Period + $0.35 Per Check)
   Workers Comp Reporting Explain ($3.00 Per Payroll - No Money Down)
*Limited Availability
   Mark Workers Comp Payment Explain ($3.00 Per Payroll)